Hi, I'm Dudon

I Love People & Products

I built physical products for 5 years as an engineer, and worked with incredible people in automotive, plastics, steel and petroleum.

I built software products in the last 3 years, designing websites, developing marketplaces and deploying prediction models.


I've built cars at Magna


I've drilled oil wells at Shell


Now I grow software startups


I'm a constant learner, and I give back through writing and launching.


I love startups, AI/ML, building products and marketing.

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A blog on startups, product and personal growth

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I've launched a few projects and I'm working on more.

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Community Engagement

Previous Talks

Commercializing Your Research, AI seminar at the University of Alberta

Founder Development at NEXT Canada, eHUB 14th Annual Entrepreneurship Dinner at the University of Alberta

Pitch Clinic, Desjardins annual Cooperathon innovation challenge

NextAI Alumni Experience, VentureLAB information session